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 COMBO BROWS  combine microbladed hair strokes with machine shading to achieve a coveted "natural yet bold" look. This is the most versatile brow style; a no-nonsense, eyebrow-looking eyebrow. A hybrid brow can be made to look soft and natural, or bold and fashiony, or anything in between. You can dress it up with makeup, or rock a natural makeupless look, and nobody will know that you've tattooed your face. Gosh, they're just the best. 


Ideal for: Pretty much anyone! You can have hairy brows or relatively hairless ones; dark oners or light ones. The combination of strokes and shading creates depth, dimension, and fullness to brows of all shapes and sizes. 

Not great if: You have older microblading that you're hoping to cover up. Please book a cover-up or correction appointment to discuss your options. (Microblading removal services coming soon!)

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 BLADED BROWS  use just the microblade to create hair strokes. This is the most natural brow style, and holds up better for those who have the brow hair density to support it. We add hair strokes to your existing hair to create a wider, fuller, or fluffier brow. (Fun fact: this is really how eyebrow artistry got its start. Many of us "veterans" were getting our brows *just* microbladed, before shading came along.)

Ideal for: Folks with a good amount of brow hair who just want a little more; or anyone who is nervous about going "too bold." If we start with just hair strokes, we can always add some shading afterwards! 

Not great if: You don't have much brow hair at all. These hair strokes are best when they can blend in with other hairs. If you have spare brows, opt for the hybrid or powder brow!

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 POWDER BROWS  use just the shading machine (essentially a "lite" tattoo gun) to create as soft, filled-in brow look with no hair strokes. On some folks, this can look like a very crisp, penciled-in makeup look... but it doesn't always have to look that way. A powder brow can add gorgeous depth and density to a brow that already has good hair and good shape, just needs a little deepening. There are no hair strokes created with a traditional powder brow; though we can pop a few up toward the front to help make it look more natural -- just ask! 

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Ideal for: A solid powder brow can look amazing on women who wear a bold brow day in and day out. It's useful for those with little to now brow hair at all.A soft powder brow is great for women with good hair and shape, who just want their brows a little "darker." 

Not great if: You like the look of eyebrow hair strokes, specifically. This is more of a filled-in makeup look. 

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